The Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

This website is very informational. It list a lot of symptoms that women can identify with, which help women understand what they are going through, is called postpartum depression. According to the article Postpartum Progress (nd), postpartum depression causes women to feel like a failure, which makes women fell hopeless. They feel hopeless because they feel like they cannot get out of the situation they are in; they seem to think that they are getting themselves stuck in a bigger hole and cannot get out of it. Women with postpartum depression do not feel nothing; emptiness and numbness takes place in the lives of these women during this time of their life. They feel sad all the time, they cannot stop crying, even when there is no real reason to be crying for. These women also feel weak and defective, like a failure. Many women think they are the only ones going through postpartum depression and that there is no one else going through the same situation as they are. They feel trapped because they cannot seem to find an exit. Their anxiety and anger and sadness starts to increase and the levels of hopelessness start to increase tremendously.


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