Different planets

Lack of support from family and friends can cause postpartum depression. In other countries women are very well supported during and after birth by family and friends, “…her partner Tommy Svedberg, 41 – who was at the birth and is now taking paternity leave to be involved in his daughter’s first weeks… “Once I’m home, I’ll be able to phone the hospital with any worries and the midwives will come out to see me every day if I need them,” she says” (The Guardian para. 7). Having support from a spouse can make a big difference in a new mother and may even prevent postpartum depression. On the other hand in other places around the world some women are suffering from postpartum depression because of the lack of support and the poor lifestyle they maintain, “There is no aftercare, Insa explains: no midwife will check up on mother or baby, so Dahara will have to use her own judgment if there are any post-natal problems and seek help if and where she can. Dahara’s husband has not been involved in the birth and is unlikely to play a big role in the early weeks with the baby: in Niger, birth is considered to be women’s work and fathers keep their distance” (The Guardian para. 4). This is a perfect example of why women can get postpartum depression; due to the lack of support by those around newly mothers. Postpartum depression can be triggered for any reason because it is composed from hormonal imbalances.



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