Postpartum Depression (Diseas and Conditions)

Postpartum depression splits into physical changes and emotional issues. Physical changes; before or after women give birth, women experience extreme changes in their body. Women’s emotions are on a rollercoaster. The reason why women can experience postpartum depression according to Mayo Clinic (2015) is due to a huge drop of hormones (estrogen and progesterone). The cause of this depression can also be because of other hormones composed by the thyroid gland. If the levels of the thyroid gland drop, women can experience feeling fatigued, depressed, and not feel like doing anything. According to Mayo Clinic (2015) the emotional issues of this depression occurs when women are deprived and overwhelmed. Small problems can become overwhelming and difficult for them. Women may be distressed when caring for a newborn. They will even feel like their identity has changed because they do not look or feel the same anymore, and feel less attractive.



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