Postpartum Depression Effects on Early Interactions, Parenting, and Safety Practices: A Review

According to NCBI (2011) there where some studies done of women with postpartum depression that had similar results. Apparently women with postpartum depression slept their babies in the same position; in prone position. Even though this position is bad for babies; women do it anyway because the babies sleep longer. Infants with mothers that had postpartum depression developed bad habits such as: latching on their mothers breast just to fall asleep, taking longer to go to sleep, and waking up for longer periods and more frequently throughout the day. These bad habits were developing due to the mothers depression. Babies can sense the emotions their mothers are feeling. According to NCBI (2011) in another study on infants that had unbalanced sleep patterns, mothers with postpartum depression claimed that their infants at four to eight weeks cried often and woke up more than three times a day during the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. Because of postpartum depression women are not getting the proper hours of sleep and are always feeling very tired.


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