Postpartum Support International

Postpartum depression does not let women function properly on a daily basis because it messes with their daily routine. It may interrupt a woman’s ability to work in a work environment due to stress and mixed emotions that can cause a woman to cry, get very aggravated in a matter of seconds, lose focus, decrease in energy, and get annoyed easily. All these effects are a result of postpartum depression that affects women after giving birth. According to Postpartum Support International (nd) about 15% of women get depressed after birth. The percentages of women who are dealing with poverty are at a higher risk of postpartum depression. Women who live in poverty have to work right away after giving birth which increases their chance of getting postpartum depression. Dealing with stress at work can create a bigger stress factor in the women’s personal life. This can affect the people in the same household, which could cause tension between husband and wife. This can also become a problem for the mother and children, because by having stress; this creates a barrier between the bonding time for mothers and children.


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