Postpartum Depression

In this country half of a million women per year are at risk for developing postpartum depression. Postpartum depression makes women fell a lot of anxiety, and sadness which causes them to isolate themselves. The women in this video that is talking about her experience with postpartum depression says that she felt overwhelmed and stressed, three to four weeks after giving birth. She says she felt very emotional and cried for everything. She mentions  feeling a big fear of something happening to her or her baby. The video mentions that many women with postpartum depression start to create obsessions with anything. It could be checking the baby more than 100 times throughout the day, constantly checking to see if the doors in the house are locked…etc. Women with postpartum depression constantly cause arguments with their partners, because they get easily offended. There are effective treatment for postpartum depression. There is Counseling/ Talk Therapy or medication. To know what best soothes you, speak to your health care provider to help you make the right choice.


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